The BRC is developing extensions to commonly used spatial-analysis tools to enable neighborhood- and site-level analysis of food systems, water resources, and urban design.

The Bioregional Center is developing the Spatial Analysis and Planning Toolbox, an integrated suite of GIS-based modeling tools for preparing, analyzing, and visualizing alternative land use/transportation scenarios at the neighborhood scale.


To develop modeling and visualization tools that will support expanded and innovative work in scenario planning, which is a rapidly evolving technique for evaluating alternative land use, environmental and transportation scenarios and their effects on key urban and environmental systems.


  • Create scenario-planning models, incorporating evidence-based algorithms that will produce accurate analytical reports on key factors relevant to planning for sustainability at a neighborhood scale.
  • Develop visualization tools that will help stakeholders to understand the implications of different policy choices.

Future Projects

Community Resilience Scenario Planning Model
Smart Mobility Scenario Planning Model