A move toward green transportation.

The Bioregional Center's team is creating a set of community-based protocols, theories and tools for working with students, leaders and citizen scientists to identify and act on environmental, infrastructural and social assets, resources, concerns and challenges in the community.


To create cleaner, healthier, greener, safer, more vibrant communities by: 1) collaborating and drawing on existing knowledge, energy and wisdom; 2) cultivating new skills, capacities and ideas; and 3) combining and applying these resources towards improving the physical, built and social environment for the benefit of all community members.


  • To train and engage local community members of all ages in community asset mapping in order to identify areas of strength and concern in local neighborhoods.
  • To promote relationship-building and collective problem-solving to address local environmental health concerns.
  • To cultivate awareness of and connection to “place” and community.
  • To facilitate the development of ecoliteracy and an understanding of social, structural and environmental determinants of health and life chances.

Future Projects

This ToolShed item is under development until 2017.