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Video Archive

Civic Engagement (Classroom tutorials, USP Urban Expo, Rogers Urban Farm Lab)

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Bioregional Center


Doing Civically Engaged Research – Overview
A broad overview of the meaning and practice of  "Civically Engaged Research" addressed to undergraduate seniors at UC San Diego about to start a field research practicum (capstone thesis course) at UC San Diego.


Bioregional Theory (Part 1)

Coupled Human-Natural Systems and the Spatial Turn in Urban and Regional Planning.


Bioregional Theory (Part 2)

Principles and Challenges.


Annual Urban Expo, Senior Sequence Capstone Requirement 


Rogers Urban FarmLab

Roger's Community Garden at UCSD presents to the UC Office of the President's 2017-18 Global Food Initative fellows. This is an excerpt from the UC Office of the Presidents Global Food Initiative 2017-18 tour at the University of California San Diego, link below.


Place-Sourced Transformation for Bioregional Regeneration


Building Civic Infrastructure Part 1


Building Civic Infrastructure Part 2


Multimedia Production

Over the past decade Dr. Pezzoli has worked with many people and organizations to create collections containing free publicly available (open access) multimedia featuring a diverse trove of stories, research highlights, events and meritorious strategies involving civic engagement of diverse sorts. 


Video vignettes featuring sustainability success stories. Keith Pezzoli led the production of this Global ARC collection as part of publicized bicycle journey Pezzoli did with a team of colleagues marking the beginning (roll out) of a new nonprofit organization (formally certified as a 501c3 in 2009) called The Global Action Research Center (The Global ARC).


The Journey of the Global ARC 2010

(27 videos, 2010):  Starts in Vancouver, Canada and ends in Tijuana, Mexico (spanning three countries and roughly 2000 miles). The collection draws attention to entrepreneurial and community-based solutions (urban and rural projects focused on water, food and energy/transportation) as part of a larger effort to inspire sustainability action research and healthy placemaking. 


Global ARC Video Archive 

Other collections in the vimeo archive include videos featuring bioregional initiatives, the San Diego Urban-Rural Roundtable, and the World Planning Schools Congress.


Los Laureles Canyon: Research in Action 

A 28-minute UCSD-TV documentary (2009) focused on the water/climate/poverty nexus in human settlements along the U.S.-Mexico Border, script and DVD). The documentary has been viewed over 100,000 times from the UCSD-TV web site. It was translated into Spanish; and has been picked up by the NSF for re-broadcast on their Frontier program as part of the Research Channel (a consortium of leading research and academic institutions established to share the fruits of research with the public).


Story based Communication Portal for Engaged Research (SCOPE)

A website featuring student produced video projects in courses taken with Keith Pezzoli


Event and Research

Global Food Initiative UCSD Tour 2018


Urban Studies and Planning Urban Expo 2018


Alleys in Action 2018


Soil Matters

“Soil Matters” panel recorded as part of UCSD-TV’s UC Climate Solutions Channel. Examines how soil's ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere can help environmental problems caused by climate change. (#30529)


Resilient Systems for Climate Change – Science Communication Panel 


The Regional Workbench 

Vision for a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable development is explored in this tour of the Regional Workbench Consortium, a collaborative partnership directed by Keith Pezzoli that allows users to share the tools they need to improve quality of life and environmental stewardship in the Southern California-Northern Baja California region. (#7244)


Farm to School

Results of a carbon footprint assessment of locally grown organic oranges, in San Diego, CA (compared to imported oranges from Florida) that are provided as a part of a local Farm-to-School program in San Diego.


Food Justice 

Panel organized by Keith Pezzoli of UCSD researchers, community gardeners, farmers, planners and others who are working together to improve food systems for environmental and public health. 

Art and Storytelling

Story based Communication Portal for Engaged Research (SCOPE)

Researchers in all disciplines must not only communicate their research to the public, they must also work with the public to develop an impactful research agenda that authentically addresses the concerns and needs of communities. Storytelling has a crucial role to play in this context. Storytelling is a good way to approach framing issues and articulate narratives for meaningful communication. 

This site contains stories and associated resources as part of an effort at UC San Diego to guide students in learning the craft of storytelling --including the skills needed to effectively communicate with funders, media, public audiences, and to work in deep engagement with the needs of local communities; especially where efforts are underway to eradicate root causes of poverty, environmental degradation and unhealthy living conditions.