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News and Updates



San Diego to create regional park in Chollas Creek watershed - June 28th 2021

Bio-regional 3.0 workshop announced! - May 19th 2021

Advocating Green Infrastructure for Learning and Equity - The development of UC San Diego's AGILE network - May 12th 2021.

Monitoring Toxicants at the Ocean View Growing Grounds - UC San Diego Bioregional Center and Superfund Research Center reduce toxicant exposure risk at Ocean View Growing Grounds - May 11th 2021.

Bioregional data published to ArcGIS online - UC San Diego Bioregional Center publishes data on historical land use in the San Diego bioregion - May 11th 2021.


Putting a Dent in Food Waste - UC San Diego undergraduates receive Lemelson-MIT Prize for novel technology - May, 9th 2019

Students collaborating with the Bioregional Center receive Lemelson-MIT prize for their BioEnergy Project - April 2019